13.03.2020 – Academy of Technology, Digitalization, AI and Humanism, Brussels

Academy of Technology, Digitalization, AI and Humanism

Human 2.0, Longevity, Growth Mind-set, Lifelong Learning and Technology


Do you ask yourself?

-How am I prepared for ’ learning, unlearning and learning anew’ ?

– How am I you ready for the Culture of Progress?

– Why knowledge is the new currency?

– How am I aware of the rapidly growing and changing Technology, Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and how to use tools, products etc.?

If your answers is ‘insufficient’, 'not really’, 'not at all’’, ‘limited’ or ‘I do know’- to at least one of these questions, this seminar/workshop is right for you!


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Event Location

 EESC 99-101 Belliardstraat Room: JDE 63, 6 floor 1000 Brussel Belgium
 The Foundation for Lifelong Learning PERITIA

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