22.10.2020 – NGO Europa Cafe and EC Brussels, Rights and Values Programme 2021-2027, up to date!, online (EN)

Rights and Values Programme 2021-2027, up to date!

Why is it important?
Why is it important to increase the budget for the Programme?

NGO (non-governmental organisations) /CSO (civil society organisations)/ civil society has been in a long process of convincing the EP and the EC, and other stakeholders in the EU about the role of the civil society in the EU, and thus the role of the Rights and Values Programme for the next Multiannual Programme 2021-2027.
There have been numerous meetings in the EC, EP, EESC , FRA, etc. to discuss human rights, EU values, and the role of civil society in creating a richer and more fruitful Europe.
There have been lists of support, calls for signatures, and many more activities to grasp the attention of the stakeholders in the EU, to make them understand how important such a Program might be, and how crucial for the next years.

The budget for 2021-2027 is not accepted yet, there is still a chance to shift some resources to support grassroots organisations locally, so they could build up, inform, educate on the European values and the European rights.

Some questions:
– what is the current status of the budget agreements and the budget situation, in regard to the Rights and Values Programme 2021-2027?
– how to increase the budget for the Rights and Values Programme which is relatively smaller now in comparison to some earlier proposals?
– what are the next steps of the EC to be sure that the Programme meets the expectations of civil society?
-with whom shall we work closely on the content of the Rights and Values Programme to be sure that the grassroots organisations in the Eu countries may be able to benefit directly from it (no own-participation quota, direct applications to Brussels, easy rules, etc.)?
– what is the current status of the Rights and Values Programme and what are the next steps, incl. implementation, call, etc. for 2020 and 2021?
– what else could NGO/CSO/civil society undertake?





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09:50 we kindly ask all participants to join us 10′ prior to the meetingto have time to resolve any unforeseen technical difficulties

10:00 welcome by:

Monika Łagodzińska, CEO | Knowledge Broker| Moderator| Speaker| Activist, The Foundation for Lifelong Learning PERITIA

Ewa Krzemień, coordinating the programme, Priority visits organizer

10:15 RIGHTS AND VALUE PROGRAM, up to date

Szymon Ananicz, Senior Expert and Advocacy Manager Batory Foundation, Warsaw, Poland, prior Advisor to the MEP Michał Boni


Wojciech TALKO, Member of Cabinet (CAB.Vice-President Vĕra JOUROVÁ), Portfolio: Valeurs and Transparency


Petr Mooz (DG BUDG), Senior Expert, Directorate-General for Budget

11:30 Q & A SESSION with speakers

Open room/ Debate, voting, questions, thoughts and opinions with speakers and participants

12:00 End



Komisja Europejska/ European Commission Brussels, Bruksela

Fundacja Kształcenia Ustawicznego PERITIA, Poznań

Monika Łagodzińska, Fundacja Kształcenia Ustawicznego PERITIA/Centrum NGO Poznań, monika.lagodzinska@fundacjaperitia.pl

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 ​Fundacja Kształcenia Ustawicznego PERITIA

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